The OXY gallery represents the organic evolution of the concept of outdoor art exhibition space launched by Galerie Blanc du Village. It is an innovative urban environment whose main objective is to present the works of internationally renowned artists, making art accessible 24 hours a day, day and night. Inspired by the principles of exhibition museums, the gallery embodies a minimalist and refined design, largely inspired by contemporary architecture. This simplicity is intentional, providing a canvas that allows artistic content to take center stage and easily adapt to various thematic exhibitions. The spatial layout is deliberately fragmented into distinct sections, facilitating individual attribution to each artist’s creations. Incorporating sculptures, the gallery appeals to the street while reserving certain more intimate surprises at its heart. Beyond its artistic elements, the gallery is judiciously complemented by numerous seats which invite contemplation, encourage group meetings and even invites you to snacks. All creating a dynamic environment for locals, art lovers and tourists. In essence, the OXY gallery is not simply an exhibition space but a dynamic community center where the love of art converges with the pulse of urban life.

ClientQuartier des SpectaclesServicesOriginal idea and designYear2024

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